Hu Yi-fan

Doctorante AMU (ED 355)


Domaines scientifiques
Art Studies

Thématiques de recherche
History of knowledge, art and science, elites in modern China, the North China branch of the Royal Asiatic Society, the China Society of Sciences and Arts

English, Chinese, French

Titre: The Historical and Societal Dimensions in the Construction of Scientific and Artistic Knowledge in Modern China (1857-1952)—The North-China Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society and the China Society of Science and Arts
Direction: Christian Henriot
ED355 « Espaces, Cultures, Sociétés »

Publications majeures
Hu, Yi-Fan 胡依帆. “Nature in Chinese Art: Natural History and Art” 中國藝術中的 自然:博物學與藝術. MA thesis., National Central University, Taiwan, 2020.

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